The Best Paid Online Surveys In Australia 2024

Paid online surveys australia

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Complete paid online surveys Australia from the comfort of your own home, and earn extra money for simply sharing your opinion!

Anything I can do as a side-hustle for a little extra cash in the weekly budget – without leaving the house – is always welcome! I’ve been completing online surveys for money Australia plus market research sessions for over 15 years now, and average around $3,000 – $6,00 a year in extra income

Online survey sites typically pay cash via bank deposit or PayPal redemption, or in gift cards. Sometimes I’ve even received products to test and keep for free from completing online surveys, like nappies and baby wipes, cleaning products, and once even a coffee machine!

How to Make Money from Paid Surveys Australia

My #1 tip to ensure you receive plenty of survey invites is to make sure you’ve completed your profile 100%. You may also want to set up another email address specifically for paid online surveys and market research if you don’t want your regular email inbox getting clogged up with survey invites.

Please do note that earning money from online surveys and market research isn’t a full-time income. I spend approximately 1 to 2 hours a day completing surveys (usually once the kids are asleep at night) to earn the amount I do. It can be a bit overwhelming or disheartening when you sign up or get constant screen-outs, but stick with it! Just sign up for a few to start with and take it from there. Being honest and consistent can see you realistically earn up to $500 per month from the best online survey sites Australia for cash and gift cards.

The Best Paid Online Survey Sites Australia:

Here’s the complete list of the best online survey sites Australia offers, all of which I personally use and will continue to update with any changes.

Octopus Group – in my opinion, the best paid online survey site in Australia!

Purple Patch – regular surveys offered for e-gift cards, and only a minimum $5 balance to redeem.

AttaPoll – super easy-to-use app, complete surveys on your phone.

Pure Profile – the first paid online survey website I used, and also offers a small payment for screen-outs.

Ipsos iSay – complete regular surveys and choose from a variety of rewards.

Purkle – offers high-paying surveys, which can be redeemed for e-gift cards.

Mint Surveys – lots of regular surveys, which can be redeemed for Coles Group gift cards.

LiveTribe – offers lots of surveys, which can be redeemed via PayPal or e-gift cards.

Survey Village – offers regular surveys and even includes a minimum payment for screen-outs.

Toluna – a large online community with a large variety of surveys and rewards to choose from.

YouGov – offers regular online surveys for Australians covering a range of topics.

MOGROG – offers regular surveys daily.

Empowered Surveys – offers regular surveys, and a small screen-out incentive payment.

Qmee – surveys can be completed on the website or via their phone app. No minimum balance is required to redeem!

Opinion Bureau – regular surveys paying up to $5.00.

Catagraph – earn rewards for completing occasional surveys and redeem for cash or gift cards.

Swagbucks – offers a variety of ways to earn points, earn $5 just for signing up!

WDYT – regularly offers a large selection of surveys to complete.

My Opinions – plenty of surveys offered on a regular basis.

Rewardia – offers points for surveys, games and discussions.

More Ways to Make Extra Money With Online Surveys Australia

While not your traditional Australian online survey sites, the following companies offer regular opportunities to earn extra money online Australia.

Nielsen Beauty Panel – earn gift cards for scanning your weekly beauty product purchases via an app.

Meal Panel – You need to be referred by a member, enter code 86042 in the last box when you apply. Answer short surveys about your grocery purchases to earn cash via PayPal, plus send in your grocery receipts to earn a bonus payment.

Drink Diary – click ‘New Come-Back-Later Code to register. Record your drink purchases for a week in the app to earn an e-gift card.

Snack Diary – record your snacks for a week in the app to earn an e-gift card!

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