On My Bookshelf – November 2018

On My Bookshelf – November 2018

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Well, somehow I managed to miss October completely with book reviews, as I barely even managed to read one single book for the whole month! While November was as insanely busy as the previous month, I made a more conscious effort to spend at least 20 minutes a day reading. Now that my uni studies are officially over for the year (YAY!!!) and Christmas holidays fast approaching, I hope to read my way through my huge To-Be-Read pile of books throughout December and January.

The Survivors – Kate Furnivall

The Survivors is the story of Klara and her daughter Alicja following the aftermath of World War II, and their struggle to forge a new life while living among thousands of other desperate people in the Graufeld Displaced Persons camp. A man from Klara’s past appears in the camp, and his presence is a threat to their safety.

At times gritty and dark, The Survivors provides a glimpse into Klara’s life during the war, including her work in the Resistance and then as a Nazi officer’s mistress, and of the conditions endured by those displaced by war. It shows the determination and strength of those trying to create a new life for themselves in these uncertain times, and hopelessness faced by others from the war’s legacy, and that love can bloom in the most unlikely settings.

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Suitcase of Dreams – Tania Blanchard

Suitcase of Dreams is based on the true story of Tania Blanchard’s grandparents, which has been woven into a engrossing tale spanning the lives of the Drescher family.

The Drescher family immigrate to Australia from Germany in 1956. Lotte, her husband Erich and daughters Greta and Johanna are excited to begin their new lives in Australia at the Bonegilla Migrant Camp in Victoria.

Erich struggles to find work at first, before becoming a wood carver, while Lotte pursues her dream career in photography. They work extremely hard for years to give their daughters a better life in their new home, however Erich’s role in the trade union movement and other issues, including racism, causes issues for them. Despite this, their hard work, resilience and courage in the face of these events means they ‘put down roots’ so to speak, and create a safe, loving home for themselves in Australia.

Suitcase of Dreams is a mix of history and romance. It provides a well-written insight into the lives of migrants in Australia and the issues they faced while trying to achieve their goal of creating new lives for themselves and their families.

Available from Amazon, The Book Depository, and all good book stores.

Reviewed as a member of the Beauty & Lace Book Club.

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