Market Research In Australia

Market Research In Australia

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Fancy spending an hour or two of your time and sharing your views and opinions for an easy $100+ cash? Participating in market research in Australia can be a great source of extra income.


I make on average $3,000+ per year through completing online surveys and market research, all from the comfort of my home. Market research focus groups, taste testing sessions, interviews and online panels can be more lucrative than online surveys due to their higher payment rates, especially if you live in a capital city or major regional hub and are able to attend the face-to-face interviews and group sessions in an central location (often the company’s office). However, you can still make a decent amount from market research if you live in a rural or remote area (like me!) with telephone interviews, and online surveys and panels.

Here are my top tips for participating in market research:


1. Sign up and complete your profile 100%

By ensuring that your profile is filled out, you are more likely to be matched or selected by researchers. The following market research companies in Australia are ones that I either personally use myself, or are highly recommended by trusted friends of mine.

Realtime Research

Stable Soapbox


Focus People

Farron Research


Research Network 

Your Source OpinionsPaid

Research Connections

Lynnette Griffiths Market Research Services

KB Research

Country Opinions


2. Apply, apply, apply!

As soon as opportunities for market research sessions come available, apply for them, as they often fill quickly. Be 100% truthful with your answers in any screening surveys and applications, especially in regards to whether you’ve recently participated in other market research sessions. 


3. Be punctual, polite, and ready to dive right into the topic

Engage in the discussion fully, and don’t be afraid to share any ideas or opinions you may have. For online panels and surveys, carefully read the questions to ensure you understand what is being asked before typing your answer. For any follow-up surveys or phone calls, make sure you complete them before the deadline.


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