How To Save Money On Your Air-Conditioning Bill This Summer

How To Save Money On Your Air-Conditioning Bill This Summer

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Australia is a beautiful country and there is plenty of fun to be had with endless summer days. However when you need to escape the heat, turning on the air-conditioner is usually the first thing that many do. Unfortunately, that can also mean a huge spike in our electricity usage, but a few simple strategies can help to keep your energy bill down without breaking a sweat.

Beat the heat and avoid a big power bill with these essential tips to save money on your air-conditioning costs this summer.

Turn It Off At Night

Keep your air conditioner on during the warm daylight hours, and then turn it off at night. Night-time air is – generally speaking – a lot cooler than during the day, so open up all the windows to let in that fresh air.

This also helps to “pre-cool” your house for the next day and lessens the strain on your air conditioner when you turn it back on in the morning.

Clean The Filter

Regularly cleaning your air conditioner’s filter will help keep it running as efficiently as possible. If you are up for it, you can also clean the outside unit of dust and leaves, just switch it off first and then use a leaf blower to flush out the grime. Otherwise a yearly service from an air conditioning technician will ensure your air conditioner is operating at its best.

Set The Temperature

Did you know that each degree of cooling can increase your energy consumption by as much as 10 per cent? By adding a few extra degrees to the thermostat, you can save a significant amount on your next bill. Try to have the temperature setting between 23 to 25 degrees in the summer. This will ensure your home maintains a comfortable temperature without pushing up your energy bill.

Shut Out The Sun

Sounds simple, I know, but on those stinking hot days, shut the blinds or pull the curtains closed to help block out the heat and keep the temperature down inside the house. Consider double-glazing for windows to reduce heat absorption or even a few trees or shrubs to provide a line of shade against the house.

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Seal The Gaps

If you have an outside door that lets in a hot draught, or you are simply trying to keep the cool air in one part of your house, seal the gaps with door snakes, or add a weather shield to the bottom of external doors.

Minimise Space

If your house has multiple air conditioners throughout, try reducing the amount of space that your air conditioner is trying to cool. The less space your air conditioner has to cool, the less amount of time it will need to run and the less energy it will consume.

Close doors and block off any entranceways that allow cold air to escape, and if there are multiple people at home, try to hang out in the same room together – a good excuse for a family movie day!

Turn It Off When Not At Home

If you’re not at home, you don’t need to leave your air conditioner running. Before you leave, close doors and windows, and shut the blinds to help insulate your home and keep the cool air inside once you’ve switched off the unit.

Use A Fan

Fans should be your first go-to cooling option on a hot day! Not only are they much cheaper to run, they can also reduce the temperature of a room by several degrees. In fact, one of the first things I did when we moved into this house was to install ceiling fans in the bedrooms and main living areas! If ceiling fans aren’t an option for you, pedestal fans are cheap to buy and portable, so you can move them throughout your home as needed.


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