How To Make Extra Money For Christmas | 10 Ways To Make An Extra $1,000+

How To Make Extra Money For Christmas | 10 Ways To Make An Extra $1,000+

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year! Unless you have to go into debt for it, leaving you panicking about how to make extra money for Christmas.

Many families spend a good portion of the year saving up for it, or paying it back afterward. For some, circumstances beyond their control means that there isn’t much to go around for Christmas.

With presents to buy for family and friends, food and feasts to cook, and the kids being home on the endless summer school holidays, Christmas can quickly become the most expensive time of the year for us! Thankfully, there are opportunities to make some extra cash this festive season.

So, how to make extra money for Christmas? Here are 10 ways to make an extra $1,000+ in 10 weeks, just in time for the festive season!

1. Online Surveys & Market Research

Make up to $100+ a week by participating in online surveys and market research sessions. Online surveys can be easily completed from the comfort of your own home, earning yourself up to $50 a week. Market research sessions are mostly held in central location, such as capital cities or large regional centres, although there are often online studies available for those who live in more remote locations. Market research sessions generally pay between $50 – $150 an hour.

You can find more information in our posts on online surveys here, and market research here.

2. Cash In Loyalty Points

Don’t forget to cash in any VIP club and loyalty program points that you’ve accumulated throughout the year, like Flybuys and Everyday Rewards. It can be surprising how much you have built up, all of which can help with buying groceries and presents for Christmas.

3. Mystery Shopping

If you are heading to the stores to complete your Christmas shopping or to grab some groceries, why not complete a mystery shop while you are there? From checking product availability and stock levels on a shelf, to more in-depth customer experiences, there are a variety of mystery shopping jobs available to complete. Some even have a phone app so that you can complete it on the go! Click here for more information on becoming a mystery shopper in Australia.

4. Christmas Jobs

At this time of the year, many retailers begin hiring extra casual staff in the lead-up to Christmas. Take a trip the shops to see who is hiring, or search for jobs on Seek and Christmas Casuals. Don’t forget to check out restaurants and cafes too, as many will often need some extra help during the busy Christmas rush.

5. Sell Your Unwanted Items

Do you have unwanted items lying around the house and cluttering up your space? Clear out your cupboards and list the stuff you no longer need to make some quick cash for Christmas. Whether you use Facebook Buy/Sell/Swap groups or Marketplace, Gumtree, eBay, or a few other sites like Fishpond for books, you’ll also get to enjoy the bonus of cleaning up the house in time for Christmas! Find more information on Selling Your Stuff here.

6. Cash In Containers

Does your state offer a container deposit scheme? Collect up your recyclable drink containers and cash them in for the 10-cent refund per container. You can find out more about the container deposit schemes available in each state on the Planet Ark website.

7. Cashback sites

If you are planning to do any online shopping for Christmas, make sure you sign up for cashback sites like Cashrewards and ShopBack to earn back a percentage of your spending! From groceries to travel, retail to fashion, and more, you can save some serious money for Christmas. You can read more about how to save money with cashback sites here.

8. Rent out your car

If your car is just sitting in the garage or driveway, put it to good use to earn extra cash for Christmas. There are many people who need a car to use for Christmas shopping, or for visiting family and friends to use over the Christmas period. Check out CarNextDoor for more details.

9. Download money-making apps

Make easy money with your phone in Australia simply by downloading a few apps! From online surveys, mystery shopping, and even points for walking every day, there are a variety of ways to make money with your phone. Find 16 of the best phone apps to make money in Australia here.

10. Get Christmas ready for others

Offer your services to help others get ready for Christmas, whether it is wrapping presents, decorating, cooking Christmas food, completing Christmas shopping, or cleaning the house in preparation for Christmas. Advertise yourself on social media, Gumtree or Airtasker.

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