How I made over $7,000 on the side in 2019!

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Following on from last year’s post on how I made $5,000+, here’s a round-up on how I made extra money in 2019 as a stay-at-home parent – over $7,00 to be exact! This side hustle money is separate from our regular salary and investment income.


Online Surveys & Market Research – $4503.72

At the start of 2019, I set myself a goal of earning $3,000 from online surveys and market research, and I ended up smashing that goal by Christmas! You can find my posts on online surveys here and market research here.


Sign-Up & Referral Bonuses – $10.00

I didn’t have much luck with sign up bonuses this year, and it seems most of them have now stopped. This amount was earned through Beem It and Finch. Find a list of all the Sign-Up and Referral programs I use here.


Cashbacks – $356.13

I love using Cashrewards and ShopBack to receive a small percentage back on my online purchases. This total is lower than last year’s, as I was a good girl and made a conscious effort to buy less in 2019. You can find my post on using cashback sites to save money here.


Free Products – $298.60

Thanks to various product sampling sites, my family enjoyed trying new products and finding a few new favourites along the way. You can find more information in these posts on product sampling, free baby samples, free stuff for kids and birthday freebies for Aussies.


Apps – $40.00

This is a new one for this year, as I’m interested to see exactly how much I can make just from apps installed on my phone. Find out which phone apps can make you money.


Mystery Shopping – $40.13

Unfortunately living in a rural town means I don’t get many mystery shopping jobs available in my area, however I used to make hundreds of dollars when I lived in the city! You can find my post on Mystery Shopping here.


Cash For Containers – $575.40

I love, love, love the Cash for Containers scheme for returning our empty drink bottles. And yes, I even pick up empty containers I find lying around when I’m out and about!


Selling – $742.90

A lot of new items seemed to sneak into our home this year, and as you all know I like to keep the ‘stuff’ to a minimum! I moved on a lot of outgrown kids stuff like clothing and car seats, as well as a few unused household items. Check out some suggestions for selling here.


Competition Winnings – $486.00

I love entering competitions, but once again this year it was one of the many things I simply wasn’t able to find enough time to do, so my comping was rather sporadic. You can find my post on entering competitions here.


Check out the Making Money section for more side hustle ideas!


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