How To Save Money With Cashback Sites In Australia

Cashback sites Australia

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Do you like to shop online? I must admit, I’m not a big shopper, but I prefer to shop online when I do. I also like to save money, so using cashback sites when making necessary purchases is a no-brainer for me! Obviously it is only really worth it if you are only purchasing stuff that you really do need, and not just shopping because it’s ‘cheap’ or ‘discounted’.

Cashback sites in Australia only really started becoming popular in the last few years, and a quick Google search reveals several to choose from. So, what are cashback sites and which ones are the best to use?

So, what are cashback sites?

Basically, cashback sites give you back a percentage of money spent on every purchase you make at a retailer that you access through the cashback site. This percentage can range from 1-40%, but typically you’ll find it ranges from 2-6%. Once your make you purchase, you have to wait for it to be approved (anywhere up to 90 days later) before the cash back appears in your account, which you can then withdraw to your bank account. So, it’s like a delayed discount or saving for your online shopping purchases, and you can save on everything from clothing, groceries, holidays and more.

What are the best cashback sites Australia?

I have been a member of several cashback sites in Australia, and unfortunately some have been duds in my experience. Below I list the 5 best Australian cashback sites that I currently use and recommend. If you sign up to them, you’ll be able to take advantage of different promotions and discounts on offer at times between the sites to ensure you get more ‘bang for your buck’.


Cashrewards is the first cashback site I ever signed up to back in January 2016, and since then I have earned over $2,000 in cash back! Once you join up, there are a few ways to earn cashback. If you shop online via your computer or laptop, you can search for a retailer through the desktop site and click through from there. However, the easiest way is to download the Cashrewards notifier browser extension, which will pop up on your browser bar with a notification whenever you are visiting an eligible cashback retailer’s site. For shopping on your phone, you can download and shop through the Cashrewards app for hassle-free cashback purchases. If you prefer shopping in-store, you can still earn cashback! Simply join Cashrewards, link you debit or credit card to your account, shop at eligible stores and the cashback will appear in your account. Join Cashrewards for free here, and receive a free $5 bonus after your first qualifying purchase.


ShopBack is my next favourite cashback site. I only started using it this year, however I find it easy to use and it offers over 800 retailers. Like Cashrewards above, you can shop directly through the ShopBack site, install the ShopBack Button browser extension to be notified of cashback on eligible retailer sites, or through the ShopBack app. You can also purchase discounted gift cards and save instantly. Join ShopBack for free here and receive a $5 sign up bonus.


Similar to the above cashback programs, Kickback is free to join and offers shoppers cashback and discounts across a variety of retailers and categories. Join Kickback here to get $5 to start you off on your cashback journey!


Swagbucks is a site that I don’t use often, as it’s range of Australian retailers is much smaller than Cashrewards and ShopBack. However sometimes there is a decent offer that I will take advantage of. Plus you can earn additional ‘swagbucks’ through completing surveys and the like. Join Swagbucks for free here.


Honey is not just a cashback site, but a browser extension that will help you save money. Simply install it to be instantly notified of any money saving promotions, cashbacks or discount codes to help make your online shopping purchases cheaper. Super easy to use! Join Honey for free here.

What are your favourite cashback sites Australia? Find more ways to save money here!

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