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*Updated April 2021

When it comes to personal finance books, finding the right one/s to read can be a bit overwhelming! There are literally thousands of titles available, all claiming to help you discover the best ways to save money, spend money, budget money, invest money and become wealthy.

However, not all advice is good advice, and many personal finance books aren’t relevant to Australia and our tax system and investments. So, what are the best books about money in Australia?

Here I share my favourite books about money for Australians that I have read and loved over the last few years in my continual quest to improve our finances. You may notice that some of the books I recommend are more geared towards women and families (because I am a woman and mum myself), however I believe the overall advice within these books can be used across many different financial situations and personal backgrounds.

The Barefoot Investor – Scott Pape

This was one of the first personal finance books I ever read, and it is easy to see why Scott Pape is a household name for many Australians. Simple to read, easy to understand but incredibly effective with Scott’s Barefoot steps to help you get your head around your finances, no matter what stage of your financial journey you are in.

If you are just starting out in the world of finances or don’t have the time to invest in reading multiple books, I highly recommend “the only money guide you’ll ever need” from The Barefoot Investor.

The Barefoot Investor is available to purchase from BooktopiaAmazon and all good bookstores.

The Barefoot Investor For Families – Scott Pape

Following on from The Barefoot Investor, Scott Pape’s next book is specifically for families and helping parents teach kids “the value of a buck”. From how to implement a simple pocket money system to teen’s landing their first job and even getting into the property market, this guide is full of simple and logical advice to help teach kids life-long money lessons.

The Barefoot Investor For Families is available to purchase from Booktopia, Amazon and all good bookstores.

The $1,000 Project – Canna Campbell

It’s been a few years now since I stumbled across SugarMamma.TV and Canna’s $1,000 Project, following her journey of building a $32,000 share portfolio in just 12 months. The premise of The $1,000 Project is in breaking down a large financial goal into more manageable increments and then finding additional ways to make and save money to achieve your goals. The biggest take-away from this book for me was the power of using any actual savings you make – not just letting them ‘disappear’ as can often happen in our busy lives – and instead getting them to work for you.

The $1,000 Project is available to purchase from BooktopiaAmazon. and all good bookstores.

Mindful Money – Canna Campbell

I really like the approach that Mindful Money takes towards finance and money, building on what the reader has learned from The $1,000 Project. Canna’s writing is easy to read while being so informative, setting out the practical tools and knowledge needed to achieve real wealth and financial independence.

Mindful Money is available to purchase from Booktopia, Amazon and all good bookstores.

The Joyful Frugalista – Serina Bird

I really love the word “Frugalista” – making being frugal sound so much trendier than it often has been perceived in the past! In The Joyful Frugalista, Serina covers a range of topics from how to cut living costs to negotiating the sometimes tricky situation of finances within a relationship, all while living the good life and still being conscious of where your money is spent.

The Joyful Frugalista is available to purchase from BooktopiaAmazon and all good bookstores.

A Real Girl’s Guide To Money – Effie Zahos

As the title suggests, A Real Girl’s Guide To Money is very women-focused. As a former editor of Money Magazine, Effie’s writing is very relatable, full of practical information and advice on a range of financial topics, from pregnancy, kids, divorce, super and more. While some topics might not be relevant to your current life stage, this is a book that you can keep referring back to as your personal and financial situations change.

A Real Girl’s Guide To Money is available to purchase from BooktopiaAmazon and all good bookstores.

Unf*ck Your Finances – Melissa Browne

I found Unf*ck Your Finances to cater more towards the millennial female, however it is quite a comprehensive, no-nonsense and relatable guide to overhauling your finances to achieve financial well-being.

Unf*ck Your Finances is available to purchase from Booktopia, Amazon and all good bookstores.

Budgets Don’t Work (But This Does) – Melissa Browne

Full disclosure: I haven’t read this new book from Melissa Browne, but it is currently on my To-Be-Read list.Drop the one-size fits all approach to money and discover the power of understanding your unique financial type.

Budgets Don’t Work (But This Does) is available to purchase from Booktopia, Amazon and all good bookstores.


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