The Best Phone Apps To Make Money In Australia

The Best Phone Apps To Make Money In Australia

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Have you ever wondered if you can make money from your phone? Well, you can you with 16 of the best apps to make money in Australia right here!

While you won’t get rich just from using these apps on your phone, the rewards and payments from these best money-making apps in Australia offer you a chance to earn a little side hustle money. Much like completing online surveys and participating in market research, you can earn enough to pay for Christmas presents, pay extra off your debts, or put towards your holiday savings.

Here’s my list of the top apps to make money from your phone in Australia, all of which are used by myself. As you can see, there are a variety of ways to make money from your phone!

1. Octopus Group

Octopus Group is my favourite of the online survey sites with their high payment and easy redemption for cash or giftcards. They have an app for completing surveys on the go! Click here to join.

2. PureProfile

Next on my list for online surveys is PureProfile. The easy-to-use app allows you to complete surveys from any location, and redeem your balance for cash straight to your bank account. Join PureProfile here.

3. AttaPoll

AttaPoll offers quick and easy surveys that you can complete from anywhere on your phone – I often spend 10 to 15 minutes a night completing them while watching TV. Click here to download the AttaPoll app.

4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the most popular apps for making money in Australia. Complete surveys, watch videos and compete in daily challenges to earn rewards. Click here to join Swagbucks.

5. Qmee

While not the highest-paying of the online survey apps, Qmee frequently has a lot of surveys available, and pays out instantly via PayPal with no minimum balance required. Join Qmee here.

6. Toluna

Toluna is one of the most popular survey apps for making money Australia. Earn rewards through completing not only surveys, but also participating in games, polls and sweepstakes. Join up to Toluna here.

7. Nielsen Beauty Panel

For females that regularly purchase beauty and personal care products (from toothpaste to high-end beauty products), the Nielsen Beauty Panel is for you! Simply scan any purchases into the app each week for 15 points, or select ‘No Purchase’ for 10 points if no purchases were made for the week. Once you reach 100 points, you will automatically be sent a $10 voucher, plus go in the draw for weekly and monthly prizes. Click here to join the Nielsen Beauty Panel.

8. ReceiptJar

Keep your shopping receipts, snap them and earn rewards with ReceiptJar. There is also opportunities to earn more rewards points through surveys, polls, and ‘shakes’. It’s easy to use and takes less than a minute to snap and upload a receipt. Click here to join ReceiptJar and enter the referral code STACEYS2 to receive 200 bonus points.

9. Field Agent

Field Agent is a mystery shopping app that allows you to search and complete jobs in your area. This is a great app if you live in a city or large regional centre! Click here to join Field Agent.

10. Snooper

Complete mystery shopping jobs on the go through the Snooper app. Not limited to grocery stores, I often find ones for drinks at my local pubs and bars as well! Click here to join Snooper.

11. SmartSpotter

Yes, another mystery shopping app! Use your smartphone to easily search for and complete jobs in your area. Join SmartSpotter here.

12. MDI Drink Diary

Complete a weekly diary each month through the MDI Drink Diary app to earn a $35 voucher. Click here to sign up and click on “New Come-Back-Later Code” to register.

13. Sweatcoin

If you walk outside regularly, this app can make you a little extra cash for doing so. Sweatcoin runs in the background to convert your outside steps to ‘sweatcoins’. It does take a while to add up, but it’s fairly hands-off to use and continues to tick over as I walk every day. Join Sweatcoin here.

14. IRI Shopper Panel (SCAN n Go)

With IRI Shopper Panel, you earn rewards by scanning every product you purchase using their SCAN n Go app on your phone. You earn points which you can exchange for various rewards, including gift cards. Click here to join IRI Shopper Panel.

15. Nielsen Homescan

Another shop and scan app, Nielsen Homescan requires you to scan your grocery purchases in exchange for rewards points. Points are exchanged for items from their catalogue, and active members are eligible for additional prize draws. Join Nielsen Homescan here.

16. Job Spotter

Do you happen to see ‘Help Wanted’ signs in shop windows on your daily commute? Use the Job Spotter app to snap and submit a photo, and redeem your earnings for a gift card at anytime. Click here to join Job Spotter.

17. Social Soup

While not really a money-earner, Social Soup is an app in which you can apply for product campaigns to receive products to try for free, in exchange for honest feedback and sharing on social media. Join Social Soup here.

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