10 Tips To Save Money On Fuel

10 Tips To Save Money On Fuel

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Rising fuel prices is something that has impacted most Australian households, and oftens takes a large chunk out of the budget. I’ve certainly been holding my breath while watching the price ticking over when filling the tank, especially as I’d just started a new job that meant I was travelling further than previously!

In line with reviewing my fuel budget, I’ve rounded up my top tips to save money on fuel and make the most of a tank and shared below.

1. Travel light

Still got those bags of donations bound for the op shop sitting in the boot of your car? Weighing your car down makes it work harder than it needs to, and therefore consumes more fuel. So lighten the load and remove anything from it that you really don’t need to carry around.

2. Use discount vouchers

If you do your shopping at the two major Aussie supermarkets, you are probably already familiar with the discount fuel vouchers you receive from each shop. It’s also worth checking any other programs you are a member of, such as roadside assistance or automobile clubs to see if they offer fuel discounts – for example, I live in Tasmania and as an RACT member, I can access a 6c per litre discount at United.

3. Use apps

There are several apps available to help you find the cheapest fuel near you, such as FuelMap, MotorMouth and PetrolSpy. The 7-Eleven app also offers a ‘Fuel Price Lock’ benefit.

4. Cruise control

If you are travelling on long stretches of road, using cruise control helps to maintain a constant speed and save on fuel.

5. Eco mode

If your car has Eco Mode, use it as often as you can to increase your fuel efficiency.

6. Check your tyres

Not only is it a safety risk, but under-inflated tyres can increase drag on the road, which in turn can increase your fuel consumption.

7. Get a wheel alignment

While we’re on the subject of tyres, get a wheel alignment completed. Having your wheels working correctly can help save on fuel consumption and wear on your tyres.

8. Steady does it

Save fuel simply by changing how you drive. Accelerating rapidly, hard braking, and cornering sharply can all increase fuel consumption, so being more mindful of driving smoothly and steadily can help stretch a tank of fuel further.

9. Reduce aerodynamic drag

Roof racks and bike carriers increase wind resistance and drag. I really noticed the increase in fuel with our old car when the roof rack was on, so we always removed it when it wasn’t being used.

10. Regular services

Getting your car serviced regularly will ensure it’s running efficiently, while also minimising possible mechanical problems and helping you to save money on fuel.

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